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LMAP focuses on building evidence-based personality 360 assessments. 

We support and partner with coaches, consultants and organizations to effectively implement LMAP assessments with the following:

  • Project Management - from start-up to 360 Report delivery

  • LMAP Facilitator Trainings  

  • Custom versions for verticals, normative samples, languages ... 

  • Facilitation in select executive programs

More about LMAP Facilitator Trainings:

Why Coaches and OD experts partner with LMAP

                                                   ...Your 360 projects are all we do.

​1.  Methods and Metrics

  • It's no coincidence that LMAP is used at clients where standards and measures are mission critical – in healthcare, aviation, engineering, academics, energy services.​

2.  Intelligent 360 Reports

  • Interpret hundreds of variables and explain the key findings in Plain English – without requiring that coaches spend hours to prep and write Reports.

  • Explain a leader's behavior habits that drive or derail effectiveness without judgmental language, with a focus on how subtle shifts in behaviors lead to higher individual and team performance and a path to development.

3.  End-to-End Project Management 

  • Project plan, rater invites, status reports and reminders – we provide elegant coordination of 360s from start-up to Report delivery.


4.  Referrals

  • We often refer coaching and consulting service opportunities to our partners

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