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Yale School of Management

“The LMAP is one of the most sound, accurate and constructive of all assessment instruments. I have worked with firms on top leadership assessment for 32 years and this tool provides the most useful behavioral insights of any and is refreshingly free of the common force fit distortions, simplistic recipes, and feel good clichés. Rather than a slick gimmick, the LMAP is a leadership development tool in a class by itself.  


Built on decades of sound psychological research, it has been used enthusiastically by hundreds of thousands of executives across genders, industries, sectors, and continents to spark illuminating self awareness and fine tuning of leadership style. I have used it with thousands of leaders myself.  No matter how many 360 assessments you’ve had, the LMAP provides the most valid feedback and the most valuable guidance."


– Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Ph.D. 
Senior Associate Dean for Executive Programs and

Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management, Yale University

Clayton Homes, Inc.

“The LMAP 360 has been one of the cornerstones of our Ignite! Leadership Development program, which has fundamentally changed the way we work at Clayton Homes. Thank you for a powerful tool based on rigorous science and presented in a way that everyone can identify with.”

– Kevin Clayton

President and CEO

Clayton Homes, Inc.

Lakeland Regional Medical Center

“My senior leadership team and I found the LMAP experience to be quite powerful and proved to be a catalyst event for our team moving to another level of performance. The comprehensiveness of the instrument coupled with the quality and depth of the feedback was extraordinary. I think all leadership teams that want to be better aligned and more effective could greatly benefit from using LMAP.”

– Jack Stephens
President and CEO
Lakeland Regional Medical Center

In my 25+ years of coaching and developing leaders, I have seen and used my fair share of assessment instruments. The LMAP 360 is, quite simply, the best I have seen. LMAP Reports paint a compelling picture of why understanding and developing key aspects of personality should be at the core of executive development initiatives today. Striking the perfect balance of hard data and razor-sharp insights, the LMAP 360 has been an ideal tool to help us truly awaken people and organizations to new possibilities and transform human potential into peak performance.


– Vergil Metts, Ph.D

President and CEO

Impact Associates, Inc.

Impact Associates
Deloitte Consulting LLP

“I experienced firsthand the LMAP360 instrument with Ron at Yale's CEO College. Ron has succinctly identified and clarified the intricate and complex linkages between personality and leadership, offering a holistic lens into the art and craft of leadership. Ron's real-world vignettes enable the reader to gain significant insights into how personality impacts the practice of leadership, provide lively descriptions of multiple personality styles in action, and create a paradigm for strategic, effective leadership. I highly recommend his unique and meaningful work.

– Sharafat (Shaz) Khan, Ph.D.

Partner, Deloitte Consulting LLP

MediCorp Health System

“Going through the LMAP experience was life changing for the leadership team and myself. I had enjoyed a very successful career as a health system CEO and yet I was concerned that the future would require skills of my leaders and I that we did not have. The LMAP provided significant insight regarding the strengths of my leadership as well as targeted some critical areas for improvement. What I realized was that it was less an issue of skill and much more an issue of awareness and armed with that insight I have tried to be the kind of leader that my organization requires. I strongly recommend LMAP as a powerful tool for leadership development.”

– Fred Rankin

Former President & CEO

MediCorp Health System

“A really insightful and powerful gift of feedback.”

“By far the most thorough and insightful that I've done.”

“Has opened my eyes in a startling and encouraging way.”

“The best feedback I have ever received.”


“Hard but true.”

“Very good; eye-opener.”

“Tremendous insight.”

“This was major for me. Absolutely essential for all attendees.”

- Evaluations of LMAP 360

Advanced Management Program

Harvard Business School


“Our experience of the LMAP 360 Assessment and of the LMAP Professional Staff has been fantastic. The LMAP 360 is a part of a weeklong BearingPoint leadership development workshop held at the Yale School of Management. Our executives consistently rate LMAP at the top in evaluations. The LMAP is an unusually powerful tool. LMAP Reports help our leaders to think deeply and differently about how their behavior impacts those around them. And, in addition assessing current behaviors, LMAP Reports provide actionable, personalized recommendations on how to become a more effective leader. Including LMAP in our Leadership Development Workshop has proven to be an excellent choice.”

– Lisa Nichols
Former, Director of Leadership Development

BearingPoint Management & Technology Consultants

Yale School of Management

“During the last eight years, I had the pleasure of working with the LMAP team at the Yale School of Management Executive Education Program. I’ve seen first-hand the powerful impact that this unique LMAP 360 perspective has on managers and its efficacy in helping leaders to make the behavioral changes necessary to increase their effectiveness. The feedback from participants has been very positive.


I was so impressed by the quality of the assessment and the LMAP 360 Reports that I introduced LMAP into client programs. It’s been a pleasure to partner with the psychologists at LMAP. I appreciate their psychometric rigor, the quality of the LMAP 360 feedback reports, and their willingness to go the extra mile for our clients.”

– Victor Vroom, Ph.D.

 Professor of Management and Psychology

Yale School of Management


“leadershipForward has had the privilege to work with LMAP for the past eight years. We have used the LMAP 360 Assessment with several thousand of our client leaders and think the LMAP tool provides some of the most comprehensive insights in articulating the factors that underlie leader’s effectiveness. Moreover, we have also greatly appreciated the exceptional and personalized support that we continue to receive from the LMAP team. We strongly recommend the LMAP 360 Assessment to set the stage for successful executive coaching and the LMAP Pulse provides the needed follow-up on behavioral change. We often hear our clients reference their LMAP feedback as a turning point in their leadership development journey. LMAP will always be our leadership assessment tool because the assessment is extraordinarily reliable and proven and because the LMAP Team has proven to be an incredible and trusted business partner.”

– Greg Hiebert

Managing Partner


Temasek Management Services

“For years I longed for a 360 feedback tool that would be personality based; we focused too much on measuring competencies but paid inadequate attention to one of the critical leadership differentials. Dr. Ron Warren's LMAP 360 tool was a precious discovery. I met Ron back in 2008 when I attended the Yale CEO College and he was my coach. I introduced Ron to Asia and brought him and the LMAP tool to Singapore. Since then, many have benefited from this leadership development tool and Asia has gotten onto LMAP's worldwide database.”

– Willie Chan

Former CEO of Temasek Management Services


Macquarie Graduate School of Management

“I cannot over-emphasize how valuable the LMAP and MMAP 360 assessments are in stimulating self-reflection in managers and leaders. This includes the several hundred students who have used them in the MGSM MBA program.”

– Professor Richard J. Badham, B.A., Dip.Soc, Ph.D (Warwick)

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

BearingPoint (Germany)

“I met Ronald Warren the first time at the Yale School of Management in 2013 in his role as my coach with the LMAP 360. The differentiated content of personal attributes and at the same time the clear und understandable structure of the LMAP 360 was and is the most valuable approach for reflecting myself. This happened at an important moment of my work life and helped me to work on myself in different personal topics. I honestly can say, Ron`s coaching expertise and passion during the common work on the LMAP 360 strongly impressed me over the years.”


– Frank Henrich

Partner at BearingPoint, Berlin, Germany

Executive Advisors

“I am happy to recommend the LMAP Assessment and the services of LMAP LLC. I am in the unique position of having seen hundreds of seasoned managers’ use the LMAP 360 Assessment as a part of a weeklong Executive Development Program at Yale School of Management. In a curriculum with first-rate scholars and impressive presentations, the LMAP 360 Assessment consistently gets the top ratings.


Never have I seen any assessment tool create such a buzz in a group of senior managers and executives. LMAP has a powerful, immediate impact on people. The combination of an intelligent and thoughtful LMAP Report, the 90-minute LMAP presentation, and the interactive exercises, motivates participants to use the feedback constructively. I have seen even the most successful managers moved to action and for many, the LMAP provides important insights and perspective and new ideas on how to grow as a leader. One shortcoming of 360 exercises is that they are an assessment event and not a leadership development process. The LMAP with Pulse Feedback – an automated follow-up survey – offers a credible process for leadership development. The LMAP staff is knowledgeable, accessible, and professional. They are a seasoned lot who draw on years of client engagements and lessons learned. They are happy to go the extra mile, very good at what they do, and refreshingly grateful for our business.”

– Gail Steinel

President, Executive Advisors

Former EVP, BearingPoint;

Global Managing Partner, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting

PPG Industrial Coatings

“LMAP has played an integral part of the accelerated leadership development programs in Asia Pacific and globally at PPG. With the very aggressive growth agenda in the organization, particularly in emerging regions worldwide, funding our growth ambitions with top talent is the most important initiative in the organization. LMAP has brought a new dimension of innovative assessment, feedback and coaching to PPG’s leaders, who have really embraced this aspect of our leadership development initiatives. The level of detail of the assessments, the intimate one-on-one feedback and regular follow-up by the LMAP principals, and the close relationships which have been built between PPG’s leaders and LMAP have enabled us to take a huge step forward in engaging our leaders to be totally committed to their development. The LMAP Pulse process has resulted in the frequent follow-up and attention by our leaders to their development action plans, higher self-awareness, and in improved communications and dialogue between the leaders and their respective teams. Many associates have remarked on significantly positive behavioral changes in our leaders as a result of this program.”

– Roger G. Young

Global Director of Human Resources, PPG Industrial Coatings 
Director of Human Resources, Asia Pacific, PPG Industries, Inc.

LMAP 360 participant evaluations from Yale SOM Executive Education courses:
Yale School of Management

“We use LMAP in multiple high potential and senior leadership development programs that we offer at the Yale School of Management. LMAP is consistently rated as one of the most valuable and powerful elements of our curriculum. For some of our executives this is their first experience with a multi-rater, so when we were evaluating alternatives available on the market we were particularly sensitive to the quality of the overall experience, and particularly to the accuracy, tone and user friendliness of the reports. Even though the participant feedback on the LMAP instrument, the reports, and Dr. Warren’s classroom teaching skills are consistently excellent, the LMAP team regularly asks for feedback on how they can improve and provide a better service to us. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to select LMAP as our business partner.”


– William L. Crocker

Former Director of Corporate Education

Yale School of Management

“Wow. I have participated in many assessments, but never one that had (1) this profound an impact upon review of the material, and (2) a significant number of clear, easily implemented suggestions for improvement.”

“The LMAP was the best value added feedback that I have ever received.  I think it should be used internally for all …  Great developmental tool.”

“Fantastic. The LMAP material and the way that they communicated it made me do a lot of thinking. I like the way that they so effectively pointed to the next steps.”

“The LMAP was an eye opener for me and created a real buzz in the group. We have tried all sorts of things, but this LMAP approach gets to the root cause.”

“LMAP provides great insight into how others see you …the way some of the descriptions were written, LMAP appeared to know me better than I know myself.”

“The entire training was wonderful. It was the best training that I have ever taken. As you know, I particularly loved this magic LMAP session.”

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