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LMAP, LLC. is focused on publishing quality personality 360 assessments and supporting our clients and partners.
We devote 85% of our time to assessment and thought leadership; we take on select client work to stay informed and fresh.  

Our Team

Ron Warren, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Managing Principal 

Ron has a range of OD assessment, coaching, and clinical training and experience. His PhD is from The University of Chicago, specializing in Clinical Psychology with a dissertation committee of M Harrow, M Csikszentmihalyi, S Maddi, B Cohler & M Silverstein.  


Days after finishing clinical training in 1983, Ron moved to the Silicon Valley to build computer-based assessments. His first pc-based assessment was featured in Newsweek in an article called, "Shrink on a Disk." A year later he co-founded Acumen and built an assessment that InfoWorld called "the best expert system we’ve seen to date." Acumen clients included UPS, Consumer's Union, Bain Capital, JP Morgan Chase, Apple Computer, Lotus Development, Silicon Graphics, Hyatt Hotels and Walt Disney World Attractions.


Ron worked in Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Avoidance aviation safety programs with UPS Air, British Airways and Bond Helicopter pilots from 1986 to 2003. Upon leaving Acumen, Ron conducted a Balanced Scorecard study for a Fortune 50 firm with massive behavioral and performance datasets, and then began development of the LMAP 360 in 1999.


When Kenexa hired Ron as the Director of 360 Assessments, they generously supported the development and hosting of LMAP, and Rev 1.0 was released in 2003.


Ron and Ornaith Keane incorporated LMAP llc in 2006, that has grown a dedicated client base through referrals. At LMAP, Ron provides oversight on assessment metrics and content, accepts select coaching and consulting assignments and took 2015 and 2016 off from client work to write his book, Personality at Work -The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership.

He has been a Guest Lecturer at Yale School of Management, Harvard Business School, The Wharton School and is available for keynote speeches.

Ornaith Keane

Co-founder, Operations & Assessment Projects

As an LMAP Principal and co-founder, Ornaith heads the Operations function for LMAP LLC.  Ornaith is responsible Project Management, Resourcing, and Solutions Design.

Ornaith studied Materials Planning and International Shipping at the Irish Management Institute and put this to good use in her career. She has helped to plan and execute successful global projects for Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, The Wharton School, British Airways, Hyatt Hotels, Walt Disney Attractions, Inc.;

the FAA, TFA, PPG, UPS, VHA, MGSM, KPMG, UL - even the NCAA.

Want to set up an international assessment project with custom rater categories, regular status reports, reminders to raters, clear deliverables and great customer service? Contact Ornaith (not Ron).

Partners in Service

  • leadershipForward

  • The Lipson Group

  • The HRMatrix

  • The 262 Group

  • New England Coaching

  • Sloan International (Global)

  • Switch Education for Business (Au, UK)

  • Corporate Coaching Partners (Asia)

  • HRD Initiatives

  • The River Group (Global)

  • JP Carlson Consulting Co.

  • MHG Europe

             ... and over 100 certified coaches in the US.

If you are interested in a world-class Executive Education program for your firm at Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management or Macquarie Graduate School of Management, allow LMAP to introduce you.

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