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LMAP Facilitator Training

LMAP Facilitator Training is geared towards professionals with a strong background in assessments and coaching

Next Session for US and Europe: June 7, 2019 at 9:00am – 4 pm Pacific Time

                                                            (November 2019 next likely session)

Format: Webinar


LMAP Facilitator Training Package Includes:

  • One LMAP 360  

  • In-depth LMAP Facilitator Training Guide

  • LMAP Sample Reports, Type Library, Methods Review

  • PowerPoint Templates to Deliver LMAP Workshops

  • Interactive Coaching Exercises

  • LMAP Marketing Materials

  • Personality at Work: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership, 2017 book publication summarizing a decade of LMAP research

Part One: Overview of the pervasive impacts of personality on performance across professions and cultures. Video, case studies from high risk operating environments are highlighted; breakout groups examine communication patterns and team process; overview of LMAP Model: confidential 360 feedback, public leadership goal, Pulse follow up. Discussion and Q&A encouraged. Triads are organized for practice debriefs.


Part Two: Pre-work: Read LMAP Facilitator Training Guide, Basic historical and statistical foundations; Common and Unusual LMAP Profiles; Recognizing and Applying Triangulation of the three LMAP Datasets. Discussion and Q&A encouraged.

Attendance required at both sessions for certification.


Public Facilitator Training: 

  • $2500US; add $1000 for each additional participant from your organization

Custom Facilitator Training:

  • $3500/day; add $1000 for each additional participant from the organization 

  • Custom Facilitator Trainings are unique for each organization and tailored to            fit your specific firm and program design 

  • Delivered by webinar or onsite at your organization 

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