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These last two years I took off from client work to write a book: Personality at Work -The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership.  

Personality at Work draws from over a decade of LMAP research on workplace Grit, EQ, Social Intelligence, Dominating and Deferring personalities  


The LMAP 360 research uses 360-
feedback ratings from 15 coworkers, colleagues of the leader. These tens of thousands of
feedback ratings, not self-ratings, measure observed behavior and have high reliability
and validity.  

It has become fashionable in the HR Analytics community to be “content agnostic” – to
offer clients Just-in-Time, survey capabilities and number-dump formats. LMAP is anything but. LMAP data is based on long-term observations of how leaders behave and how those behaviors facilitate or derail performance. The whole idea is to be content-rich – based on carefully collected and analyzed data over the last ten years. Deep, reliable, valid measures; big-data / large normative samples; and rich narrative reports that explain in plain English what the 360 results are - and why it matters - to an emerging professional, manager or senior leader. 

And we do this because: The actions and interactions between individuals have a huge impact on outcomes in the workplace, as in life. This impact is played out every day, in every profession, at times with extraordinary results, at times with disastrous results. And although each of us has good days and bad days, something more is in play here, something that in common language, as in the social sciences, we call personality.

These are some of the main themes of Personality at Work ...  a non-fiction book. 

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