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LMAP 360

Evidence-Based Leadership Development


                                      no other 360

  • Coherent, validated model of personality and performance

  • Narrative reports that emulate a coaching conversation 

  • Provides language to discuss complex derailment behaviors

  • 360 Personality, Effectiveness Ratings & Rater Comments

  • Benchmarked: Global, North American or custom norms

  • LMAP Pulse follow-up surveys track behavior change

  • English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese Assessments


Watch the developer, coaches, clients and academic experts explain the LMAP 360 philosophy, science and approach. 

“LMAP is one of the most sound, accurate and constructive of all assessment instruments. I have worked with firms on top leadership assessment for 32 years and this tool provides the most useful behavioral insights of any... Rather than a slick gimmick, the LMAP is the real thing.”

– Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Ph.D. 
Senior Associate Dean for Executive Programs
Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management

Yale University

Book Cover: Personality at Work

Personality at Work draws from over a decade of LMAP research on workplace Grit, EQ, Social Intelligence, Dominating and Deferring personalities.  


Personality at Work draws from research using 360-feedback ratings from 15 coworkers, colleagues of the leader. These tens of thousands of feedback ratings, not self-ratings, measure observed behavior and have high reliability and validity.  

Personality at Work provides case studies, links to contemporary research and development models and tools to support an organization's or individual leader's effectiveness. 

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